Natalie Cassar (they/she)

I am a recent graduate from the CUNY School for Labor and Urban Studies with a major in Urban and Community Studies. My areas of interest are policing, homelessness, public transportation, labor organizing, and zoning. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my cat Panda.

I attended The New School from 2017-2020 where I became passionate about the study of cities and the systems of governance that shape our lives in urban environments and beyond. In 2021 I transferred to the School of Labor and Urban Studies to continue learning about urban problems. This is where I expanded my academic interests into labor and capitalism studies. I hope to continue my studies at SLU in the school’s graduate program.

This is a place to find my past projects and papers from throughout my academic career.

A view of ‘The Edge’ from 10th Av & W. 17th St.